"Always Speaks The Truth Even when its Hurt"

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Is Donald Trump a Good Leader for Sustainability Life Development or just a plain Fraud Disaster !
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Donald Trump in his 100 days of presidency, despite his loving commemorate and devotional speech about how courages his actions will be for this country (USA) and all his administrative advices will be for the good of the people.

Some rely this solemn speech as a sign of kindness, for such entrepeneur with billionaire wealth has to leave his happy non political life to a zone of war self inflicted and so many aspects that will rib all his privacy into the interest of a national security.

But many have already said that trump is nothing buat a fraudster orange head with a loud mouth. With an ambitious to gain more power in order having the richs getting richer, and the big company to have easy access for the easy money as he is amongts them. 

Liberals have orders, and their perspectives about trump are only diminishing his light, as everything donald does is nothing but trash evilish. The juvenile (as only in six days of his presidency) executive order has been launched to strenghten the immigration law, that forces many families that have been living in usa for more than 20 years regardles of how long they live in this every man dream country, no matter what, as long as they againts the law (green card ownership) they will still going to be deported. Some cases were reviewed back then, but for most, deported.

Donald leave the thing about Suriah and the alledgedly child bombing from assad regime with the response of immediate bombing from pentagon, killed four army men. Donald say, that this kind of act (bombing women and innocent child) will not be tolerated. Well, Donald going global, some critics came especially from russia, tell USA to chill and not to againts the war law. However, Democrats, his rival party agreed to Donald Decision.

Donald has been known as a tough and honest to this words, but it does not always mean that everything will always go his way or necessarily always be good. Trump policy about Mexico Paying The Wall border (half-half), is not realized till this minutes.



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