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Annabelle Movie - Another Conjuring Movie
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For you horror movie fans certainly will not miss the James Wan horror film filmed 'The Conjuring' which is made only with a budget of $ 20 million, but this film was a success of its class in the world with a horror movie on the American box office and grossed a profit of about US $ 41.5 million in the inaugural week of screenings on July 15, 2013.

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Still fresh in the memory of the movie 'The Conjuring' against a background of 70s. The story begins with a wide-screen focus screen highlight the front face of spooky doll named Annabelle who was in the living room couch with 2 female occupants. The doll was a gift from the mother, Debbie. Debbie is a student studying nursing, and almost passed. He lives in a small apartment with a friend, named Camilla.

Disturbances began attending with events such as a piece of chocolate candy mysteriously left in the living room. Though none of them have bought the chocolate, and they are confused as how it could be there. Then strange messages are often found with a child's handwriting written on paper and even the roof and walls of the house.

And this is one case that is being told to the students by a pair of prominent researchers supernatural, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Lorraine Warren (Vega Farmiga) who often completed supernatural cases in the United States. One is the case of 'Amityville Horror' which was made ​​public was shocked and legendary to this day.

One day, the two are faced again with a terrible case that came from a haunted house in Rhode Island. Success is obtained from a bank auction results, house located on the edge of the lake was actually terrorizing and hurting the whole inhabitants. With a variety of creepy and thrilling events that continue to occur throughout the film 'The Conjuring'.

After the film 'The Conjuring' who haunt the audience of the film, James Wan finally back working on the second horror movie titled 'Annabelle' which is a prequel and spin-off of the movie 'The Conjuring', but the players also used different players. And interestingly, the original name of Mia is Annabelle Wallis and John Gordon (Ward Horton) who plays Mia husband.

The film 'Annabelle' opens with John Gordon prepared a gift for his wife who was pregnant, Mia. This gift is a girl doll figure with all-white satin dress with braided hair who have long desired by Mia because she is a collector of old dolls.

Unfortunately, this family happiness ends. With the strange and terrifying events that befall their next-door neighbor who turns out to be a married couple with the adherents of the heresy of worshiping the devil. Which then Mia and John both managed to sneak into the house which resulted in a terrible and bloody conflict with the content of mia being stabbed.

It turned out that his wife had been wanting adherents devil possessed doll, Annabelle, who eventually died at the home of this young couple hugging doll with Annabelle who was already possessed by black magic practiced by him from the media that drips blood into the eyeball of Annabelle. Until finally the strange events continue to haunt the couple Mia and John even after they move into their new apartment.

Photo copyright warrens.net (real annabelle doll)

Mystical touch to the movie 'Annabelle' still feels sticky like the movie 'The Conjuring' with a versatile color effects typical ancient antique and James Wan. Cold and humid atmosphere dominates the big screen, touch with the music with soft tones and mystical is guaranteed to be friends with you as long as the film progresses.

Many who could not have guessed in a movie that was released on October 2 and simultaneously throughout the world. As the scene is easy to guess at the horror movies mostly, because maybe what you have thought of before with scary or shocking scenes that will appear in this film 100% may be missed because James Wan too clever and genius packing horrible scenes in the movie this time, so it is guaranteed emotions going up and down while watching it.

For those who have watched 'The Conjuring' which presented many horrible ghost figures with tragic circumstances and scary ghost will not be  found much in the film 'Annabelle'.

Basically the film 'The Conjuring' more sinister and shocking while the film 'Annabelle' just over the shock. You only need to prepare energy and arrangements will be made of breath because you breathless during the action witnessed this spooky doll. Since you as the audience was referring to the name Annabelle doll figure of course being the media and the common thread throughout the story. However, observation and assessment back to the audience of the film itself, whether or not if the likes horror movies do not necessarily include spooky movie for you. But if fans of horror, this film looks sinister compared to 'The Conjuring'.

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When arriving at the end of the story, you will be taken to a scene in which a middle-aged mother, was visiting at a store that sells a collection of antique and looks a doll named Annabelle already sitting pretty in the store to be sold to the next owner .

This scene will be reminiscent of the opening scene in the film piece 'The Conjuring' and 'Annebelle' itself, where 2 girls who made ​​'chaotic' life with Annabelle doll's presence in their home. And it turns out that the mother was a middle-aged mother of one girl who was going to give this doll as a gift for her.

With the closing scene is certainly leaves a big question mark, whether there will be a sequel story or not. However, if observed James Wan would not willingly movie 'Annabelle' stop here only, because the scene two figures as the girl next doll's owner has been telling the story of their sinister with Annabelle to Ed and Lorraine Warren as recorded at the scene early in the film 'The Conjuring 'and' Annabelle '.

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